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My name is Scott Richey, and I have been called the Bearded Bulldog. I’m retired. I’ve been a Christian for 40 plus years. I live in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, VA, a beautiful place to live. I attend Reasoning Tree Church (a reformed Bible church) in Edinburg, VA.

I am a long time collector and trader, with Christian literature being one of the main focuses. I am not a theologian or a pastor and do not claim to be. Over the last 40 years, I have made time for hours of Bible study. I have had the opportunity to sit under and listen to many pastors and teachers, and to some excellent seminary lectures. Through this website I hope to gain even more insight into the Word of God.

Items for sale on this website come from my personal collection, reputable wholesalers, art & antique dealers, auction houses, old basements & barns, and more. Some are given to me to sell, some I find in unusual places. Some I find at a bargain, so I can offer you a better deal, and some are very rare and I paid extra just to have it in my collection. I have other items that are not listed for sale, so if you are looking for something in particular send me a message using our contact form. I may have it or know where to find it.

Why “Bible Bulldog” ?

Our Bulldog
Our 12 year old Bulldog – we found out 12/3/2021 that he has an aggressive cancer.

I know – there are no bulldogs in the Bible. The bulldog breed has been around for a very long time. Their English roots go back to the 5th century. Bulldogs of centuries ago were tough and tenacious. Bulldogs of today are very loyal, loving and calm dogs. They have a wonderful temperament for even small children and they are incredibly patient and kind. I have owned two bulldogs over the last 25 years and found that they both had all of these qualities.

I think there might be some people in the Bible that had qualities like being tough, tenacious, loyal, loving, calm, patient, and kind.


Pastor Adrian Rogers and Pastor Steve Lawson have been quoted saying; “There are some things that you can’t be dogmatic about, but there are some things that we must be Bulldogmatic about.”

These are the things that we need to concentrate on, these are the things on which we cannot waver. God’s word is so rich and so deep, that we could spend hours talking about each of His doctrines.

I pray that this website will be a blessing to you.

Bearded Bulldog
Scott Richey – Bearded Bible Bulldog

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