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Sheologians Podcast


Summer Jaeger and Joy Hunter. We are twenty-something, with backgrounds in English and mansplaining. Joy the Girl has been a part of Apologia Radio and Studios since its inception. Summer Jaeger has just hung around her dad, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, too much (or too little, depending on who you ask).
Sheologians started at the top of iTunes podcast charts and has garnered over one million downloads since it dropped in the fall of 2016. We planned on being a micropodcast, just long enough for you to listen to and fold a pile of laundry, but the shortness of the episodes angered the mob and some of their more notable guests (Rosaria Butterfield, Karen Swallow Prior, Dr. Jason Lisle, Steven Bancarz, and Jeff Durbin) stayed to chat awhile. No one has complained….yet.

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