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Papyrus 72

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Papyrus 72 is the designation used to describe portions of the Bodmer Miscellaneous codex, namely the letters of Jude, 1 Peter, and 2 Peter. These books seem to have been copied by the same scribe, and the handwriting has been paleographically assigned to the 2nd or 3rd century.

If you’re familiar with 2 Peter 1:1 – our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ, this is a place where Jesus is identified as God in the original language in the New Testament and of course this manuscript was written long before Constantine ever drew breath. Why is that relevant, because if you ever saw a little movie and book that was all over the place called the DaVinci code where allegedly Constantine made up the deity of Christ and then changed all the manuscripts – this manuscript was written well over a century before Constantine is ever born and yet it teaches the deity of Christ

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