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The Manuscript that Changed the Thinking of Textual Scholars.

P 75 is a fascinating gospel manuscript. It does not contain all of Matthew Mark Luke and John, portions of Luke and John primarily. But what’s really fascinating is this guy was the ancient equivalent of Steve Lawson. We know he was very particular, and he was very, very accurate. Because when you think about when you’re copying, if you want to copy from a printed text there’s different ways you can do it. You can copy word for word. You can copy phrase for phrase if your memory’s really good, maybe sentence by sentence but you see the longer the section that you’re memorizing and then copying the more possibility you’re going to forget something, or transpose something.

What is fascinating about P 75 is that this guy copied letter by letter, One letter at a time. That takes a while, but it’s also why this is one of the most accurate of the early manuscripts we have.

Return to: Ancient Biblical Manuscripts

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