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EP # 112 | Has God Really Said?

The topic of ‘women preachers’ and ‘women pastors’ has been hotly debated for decades within the evangelical church. Categories such as “complementarian” and “egalitarian” have been created to describe the two primary camps that seem increasingly divided over this subject. However, in this episode of the Just Thinking podcast, Darrell Harrison and Virgil “Omaha” Walker assert that this topic is not a matter of “ism’s,” but is a simple question of submission and obedience to the clear teachings of the Word of God. Listen as they look to the Scriptures to answer the age-old question, “Has God Really Said?”

Does the Bible Permit a Woman to Preach? – John MacArthur, Grace to You
What Does the Bible Say About Women Pastors? – Got Questions?
“Ask Ligonier” with Pastor H.B. Charles: “Can you speak to the current topic of womenas pastors/preachers?” – Ligonier Ministries (Pastor Charles’s response begins at the 30:14 mark of the video)


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