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Pastor Discounts

A pastor has a significant role in the their community.
They dedicate their lives to serving God, helping others, and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.


Often, the tireless efforts of pastors goes unnoticed. recognizes and values the important work that Pastors do and wants to encourage and to support them in their ministry.

Pastors often need to purchase resources such as books, commentaries, and study materials to aid them in their work. These materials can be costly, and offering a discount can help ease the financial burden on pastors and their churches. wants to build relationships with pastors and churches, possibly help ease their financial burden, and work together with them to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. By doing so, maybe we can play a small but meaningful role in promoting and supporting the work of pastors and the Christian faith.

These offers are exclusively for pastors, so please fill out the form below to see what kinds discounts you could receive.

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Would you be willing and able to work with by writing an article?
Would you be willing and able to work with by being a contributing author?
Would you be willing and able to work with by granting a podcast interview?
Would you be willing and able to work with by doing a podcast series?

I look forward to being able to work with you by providing discounts on

I will personally review your information and send your custom discounts to you by email. Use our Contact Page to ask me about questions or concerns. Blessing and thank you, Scott.

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