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Papyrus 782 Papyrus 2484

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Papyrus 782 Papyrus 2484 Fragments of the Gospel of John 200 AD

These two papyrus fragments are from a 3rd-century papyrus codex containing the Gospel of John. They were found at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt at the turn of the 20th century.

The original codex probably contained the complete Gospel of John. The fragments contain substantial parts of three folios (six pages) from the manuscript. Papyrus 782 is a fragment of a bifolium (i.e. two folios, or four pages) containing parts of chapters 1 and 20 of the Gospel of John. Papyrus 2484 contains parts of chapter 16.

Based on these fragments, the original codex probably contained 25 bifolia (sheets) and measured 250 x 125 mm, or a little larger than a modern paperback book.

The Egypt Exploration Society presented the fragments to the British Museum in 1900 (Papyrus 782) and 1922 (Papyrus 2484).

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