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Bible Repair and Rebinds

Two of the questions we get most often is;
“Where can I get my Bible repaired?” and “Where can I get my Bible rebound?”.

We can do it!

Bible Repair – $25/hour – Craftsman rate.

The average repair of re-attaching covers usually takes only around 2 to 3 hours.

Each repair is different, so we need to see the Bible to give a good estimate. We will aways contact you before going beyond our estimated cost!

Basic Rebind Pricing

Small –  7” tall –  $100

Medium –  8-9” tall –  $150

Large –  10-12” tall –  $175

*Measure from the top of the page to the bottom of the page to get the proper measurement.

What is included in a basic rebind?

  • New cowhide or goatskin cover (read more about the leather we use and see the color options below).
  • New soft leather liner.
  • No yapp, full yapp, or a half-yapp (yapp is where the bible cover folds over the pages).
  • Spine reinforced and Oxford hollow applied.
  • New head and tail bands.
  • Raised bands on spine.
  • 2 Double sided satin ribbons.
  • Basic stamping on spine: Holy Bible, translation initials, and our logo.
  • Minor repairs.

Options Pricing

Hand Stitching – $50

Gilt Line – $25

Page Edge Dye – $25

Half Yapp – $17.50 (only available on bibles 1.75” thick or less)

Full Yapp  – $25 (only available on bibles 1.5” thick or less)

Gold Stamping – $2/letter (max. 20 characters on cover)

Embossing – $30.00 for a cross. Custom designs start at $50.00

NEW! – We now do Custom Laser Engraving – Contact us below for a quote.



Goatskin is one of the most popular leathers for premium Bibles. It has a natural grain which looks and feels exquisite and is highly flexible. Goatskins tend to have a more resilient surface than Calfskins, and have a more pronounced texture. Goatskins textures vary depending on the techniques used by the tannery. Goat hides are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, qualities and finishes suitable for bookbinding.

We obtain our goatskin leather from a family business established in 1917, They have provided the highest quality leather book binding supplies, best-value products in the leather market for over 100 years.


Cowhide is naturally a firm leather lending itself to a durable and rugged feel with a prominent natural grain finish. It is also comes in very large skins and can accommodate even the largest of books.

Cowhide is tough and reasonably durable, but in its natural state there are some that say it is not as attractive as goatskin.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Is this a NEW or a USED Bible?
Please describe the bible to the best of your ability. Translation, publisher, type of bible, ISBN, link where it can be purchased, printing date, etc.
Height x Width x Thickness in INCHES
What color and type of leather do you want for the outside cover? What color do you want for the inside? Please see above for color options.
The basic rebind includes stamping Holy Bible & translation initials on the spine, and our logo/name on the inside back cover. Please use the following space to request any other stamping on the spine or the cover.
Please give any additional details about what you want or ask any questions you may have.

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