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Take a BIBLE Paws and consider: The Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Men.

You said before, that the disciples were expecting a political leader.

 Do you think that that modern Christians get caught up in that same thing, where they’re looking more so for a political leader than they are for the Savior of the world? 

blur the line
Do we blur the line between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Men?

Yes. And, this is unfortunate, that a lot of Christians blur the lines between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of men. And, especially in political issues, we look at the political party, or the political candidate to be almost a Messiah type figure. And we certainly want our leaders to to care about and reflect our values. But we cannot look at them as though they have the power to fix everything for everybody, and that that’s exactly what God wants done. And they get behind the candidate too much from a purely Christian perspective. Now, that takes some unpacking we don’t have time for. I do not want anyone to think I’m advocating for not getting involved in politics. But we have to be careful there. And the other thing I see in that respect is the number of people who want to constantly date the coming of Christ based upon geopolitical events. When Russia invaded Ukraine you automatically began hearing people say that this proves that next week, the Lord’s coming. And that kind of stuff. And it is that tendency for us to look at a political solution, rather than a transformation of the heart.

You know, you and I were talking before we began, about the issue of abortion and the Supreme Court justice and all that. And this is a point needs to be known. Yes, we continue to speak up against abortion. It is the taking of the human life. But politics won’t solve that. It must be a change of a person’s heart. Abortion was illegal before 1973. There are some places that if I’m not mistaken, for example, Brazil, it’s illegal in Brazil, or it was a few years ago. It was illegal, and yet they had the largest rate of abortions in the world. So politics is not the final answer. And I think, Jesus was hinting at that. You need to understand there has to be a transformation of the heart, just a change of leadership in the houses of power and earthly kingdoms.

And of course, that transformation can only come from one place through, Christ Himself.


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blur the line

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