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Text only Link List to Podcasts

The following is a text only list of Podcasts that you may find helpful.
If you know of any others please feel free to share them with us

Apologetics Podcasts

A Clear Lens – Alex Aili, Eric Pelletier, Logan Judy, Nate Sala, and Gene Gosewehr
A Glimpse of the Kingdom – David Pendergrass
A Piece of My Mind – Greg Koukl
Apologetics 101 – Rob Cartledge
Apologetics 105 – Robert Johnson
Apologetics 315 – Brian Auten
Apologia Radio – Jeff Durbin, Luke, Joy Radio Show – Various

Bible Answer Man, The – Hank Hanegraaff
Bible Thumping Wingnut, The (Old Version of the Podcast) – Tim and Len Pettis
Bigger Picture on Creation, The (Limited Run) –  Krista Bontrager
Briefing, The – R. Albert Mohler Jr.
Bulletproof – Brett Kunkle

CARM Radio Show Podcast – Matt Slick
Cell’s Design, The (Limited Run)
Christian Persuaders (Link Not Located) – Charlie Butler
Christianity vs Other Worldview (Discontinued) – Don Johnson
Coffee Cup Apologetics – Michael Spencer
Cold-Case Christianity Podcast, The – J. Warner Wallace
Come Let Us Reason – Lenny Esposito
Cross Encounters – Tony Miano
Cross Examined – Frank Turek

Defenders – Dr. William Lane Craig
Dividing Line, The – Dr. James White

Eavesdropping – Max Andrews
Evidence 4 Faith (Discontinued) – Keith Kendrex

Fighting for the Faith – Chris Rosebrough

Gary DeMar Show, The (Link Not Located) – Gary DeMar
Gospel Coalition, The – Various

Hope’s Reason – Stephen J. Bedard

ID the Future – Discovery Institute
Institute of Biblical Defense – Phil Fernandes

Janet Mefferd Show, The – Janet Mefferd
John Ankerberg Show, The – Dr. John Ankerberg
Just Thinking – Ravi Zacharias

Let My People Think – Ravi Zacharias
Line of Fire Radio – Dr. Michael Brown
Live Christianly – Dan and Elijiah
Logical Fallacies (Series 1, Series 2)

Moral Apologetics – Various
More Than a Theory (Limited Run)

No Compromise Radio Podcast – Mike Abendroth

One Minute Apologist, The – Bobby Conway

Peter S Williams 
Philosophy for Theologians – Reformed Forum
Point, The – John Stonestreet
Probe Ministries – Kerby Anderson

Reasonable Faith – Dr. William Lane Craig
Reformed and Reloaded – Adam and Zeb
Reformed Pubcast – Les and Tanner
Renewing Your Mind – Dr. RC Sproul
Revived Sermons – Old Sermons Preached

Skeptical Podcast, The – Kyle
Straight Thinking

Table Podcast, The – Dallas Theological Seminary
Theology League, The
Theology Unplugged – Michael Patton, Sam Storms, JJ Seid, Tim Kimberley
Theopologetics – Chris Date
Thinking Christianly
Thinking in Public – R. Albert Mohler Jr.
Thinking Out Loud – Alan Shlemon

Unbelievable? – Justin Brierley
Uncovering Religion – Rob Cartledge
Up for Debate – Julie Roys
Urban Theologian (Backpack Radio) – Vermon Pierre, Pastor Bob, and Vocab Malone

White Horse Inn – Dr. Michael Horton
Why the Universe Is the Way It Is (Limited Run)
Without a Doubt
(Limited Run)

Youth Apologetics Training – Michael Boehm

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